May 2014. Julia Duke has retired.

We will take down the site later this year.

Areas Served in Nashville:

I serve clients who live in the areas of West Meade, Belle Meade, Forrest Hills, Green Hills, Oak Hill, and Vanderbilt.  I am taking new clients on a very limited basis.  However, I can offer excellent referrals to pet sitters in all areas of Nashville. Please contact me and describe your pet sitting needs. 

Services Provided by The Privileged Pet:

Holiday and Vacation Schedule:

Please book as early in the year as possible for any major holidays.  Please email your dates -- if  I am booked, I will be happy to refer you to another service that may be able to help you.

For the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, I am able to serve only established clients.  However, I am happy to offer a referral to another service.



Introductory visit with your pet(s) - typically lasts one hour$15
Scheduled visit with your pet(s) - one hour$25 per visit

Pet Sitting Limitation During Home Construction/Repair:

I am not able to pet sit if your home is in the midst of a construction, repair or home improvement project. Unfortunately, I have experienced too many instances of pets escaping from the home or getting into potentially hazardous materials during renovation projects at clients' homes. Please understand that I cannot assume the liability for the safety of your pet and your home if you plan to have workers on-site. If you must be out of town during a renovation, please consider boarding your pet to ensure his/her complete safety.  Thank you!