May 2014. Julia Duke has retired.

We will take down the site later this year.

Privileged Pets

Pet Memorials

Privileged Pet Hudson Warren playfully fills his time while the folks are away.

 Privileged Pet Luke Rose is a rare beauty adopted from Metro Animal Control.

Privileged Pet Tugger Frist will surely tug at all hearts.


Privileged Pet Sabra Betty sunbathes on her balcony.



Privileged Pets Louis & the late Woody Trickett  were a great team.

Privileged Pet Nicky Trickett is the newest mischievous member of the Trickett family.

Privileged Pet Frazier Greenwood looks at life from all sides now.

Privileged Pet Hexie Witherspoon moved to Nashville with our new Tennessee Titan linebacker family.

Privileged Pet Henry Bailey is a prized Siberian Schnau-Tzu-Chon, adopted from the Putnam County Shelter.


Privileged Pet Milo Dunn stays on alert at her favorite window.

Privileged Pet Cooper Anderson, adopted from Williamson County Animal Control, is one sweet puppy. 

Privileged Pet Skipper Hensley enjoys reclining on the softest furniture in the house.


Privileged Pets Skylar and Preston Ellis are the perfect models for photographer Peter Nash. Sometimes he photographs humans, too.

Privileged Pet Cammie Karro grabs her chewie for a ride in the Privileged PetMobile.

Privileged Pet Susie Schauble prefers a place in the sun.

Privileged Pet Baron the Boogle (Boston Terrier/Beagle mix) loves the green, green grass of home.


Privileged Pets Godiva and Woodrow Small Beth are BFFs.

Privileged Pet George Demastus has his way with his friend Baron's toy box.


Privileged Pet Dodi Keel has tried all the seats in the house and this sofa is his fave.

Privileged Pet Clooney Anderson strikes a perfect pose for the camera.

Privileged Pet Samantha Frist finds she is the perfect complement to this lovely room.

Privileged Pet Betsy Ross Karrels is quite cozy.


On his first day in his new home, Privileged Pet Beazley Duke explores his garden.


Privileged Pet Misty Traugher knows girls just want to have fun.

Privileged Pets Bailey, Bozley (front), Beauregard & Baxter Duke (back)


Privileged Pets (back row) Beauregard, the late Baxter Duke, (front row) Bailey and the late Bozley Duke.


Privileged Pet Memorials:

In memory of Blondie Howell.

In memory of Pet Stripes Davis.

In memory of Molly Frist.

In memory of Lulu Garner.

In memory of Butler Duke.

In memory of the Fergie Rose.

In memory of the beloved Baxter Duke.

In memory of Harbour Betty.

In memory of Rex Frist.

Privileged Pet Lucy Bailey thinks her profile is quite distinctive.

In memory of the original Privileged Pet, Lucy Bailey.

In memory of Woody Trickett,

Nashville's legendary TV personality.

View video tribute to Woody.  

[Windows Media Player required to view the clip]

In memory of Winston Crawford.

Privileged Pets Spook and Lucy Fowler lounge on the chaise

In memory of Spook and Lucy Fowler.

In memory of Chloe Howell

In memory of Buckwheat Anderson

In memory of Bernadette Duke

In memory of Maxine Debona-Zenker

 In memory of Sadie Frist


 In memory of Cassie Dozier

In memory of Bozley Duke

Privileged Pet Sue Ling Conners strikes a regal pose.

In memory of Sue Ling Conners

Privileged Pet Fritz Hofstetter
In memory of Fritz Hofstetter
Privileged Pet Layla Small-Beth
In memory of Layla Small Beth



* Photos are published with permission of the pet's owner.