May 2014. Julia Duke has retired.

We will take down the site later this year.

My Commitment to You and Your Pet(s):

When you leave your pet in my care, you have the assurance that your dog or cat will receive loads of attention, exercise and love, AND that your home will be looked after and secure while you're away.

  1. I'll make an initial visit to meet with you and your pet(s) and discuss your pet care, pet meds and home care needs. My comprehensive questionnaire is extensive, but it covers all the information I need to properly care for your pet and home while you’re away.
  2. When I arrive for my first pet sitting visit, at your request I will leave a message (on the voice mail number you specify) to let you know I am with your pet and all is well. While you're away, you can also reach me on my cell phone if you'd like to check in on your pet.
  3. Each day, after I or one of my pet walkers attend to your pet's needs, we will perform a quick "home-check" to ensure all systems are go - nothing leaking, refrigerators/freezers are working, alarm is armed, nothing out of the ordinary. We'll also water your plants and provide other services to meet your home- and pet-sitting needs.
  4. When you return, I ask that you leave a message on my voice mail - if you experience any delays, this ensures your pet will be cared for until your return.

"My Number 1 priority is to ensure happiness and well-being of your pet and the security of your home! "

- Julia Duke